Turnkey Integrations

Turnkey integration functionality to easily connect to your other campus systems


You can easily use EvaluationKIT by Watermark integrated with your existing campus systems, including your Learning Management System, Campus Portal, and Student Information System. Our integration options make it easy for students to seamlessly access their surveys within your LMS or Portal, and directly within your LMS your instructors and administrators can view their reports and real-time response rates, as well as add their own specific survey questions to the process. Our data integration options allow you to leverage your existing course and course enrollment information from your LMS or SIS to substantially streamline the administrative process of deploying projects.

The Best LMS Integrations Included

We pioneered building robust turnkey course evaluation integrations for all of the leading higher ed LMS’s, including Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, and Moodle. Our integrations are deep with functionality that drives student participation, and comes packed with operational features that streamline project deployment.

EvaluationKIT REST API

EvaluationKIT offers a RESTful API that conforms to current industry standards for API approaches, and is available to our customers at no additional charge. The RESTful API provides clients with a secure and flexible integration point into EvaluationKIT for automating a variety of operational processes, creating and modifying project data, and for real-time system-to-system access and extraction of data and survey results.

User Integration Authentications

In addition to our turnkey LMS integrations which provide secure and seamless access for your users, EvaluationKIT also offers simple to implement LTI (IMS Global Certified), Shibboleth (InCommon Sponsored Partner), CAS, and LDAP integrations for single sign-on (SSO).

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